The LED sport light design considerations

LED sport light because the work environment is more complex, affected by temperature, UV light, humidity, rainy rain, dust, chemical, gas and other natural conditions, for over time, it will cause serious problems LED light failure. Therefore, it is considered final, outdoor LED sport lighting designers should consider these external environmental factors impact on LED outdoor lighting.

Outdoor LED sport light in the thermal material selection should pay attention on the enclosure and heat sink design as a whole, to solve the LED heat transport problem, this approach is better, generally use aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, and good thermal conductivity other alloys. Cooling air convection heat, strong wind cooling heat and heat pipe cooling, (jet refrigeration heat is similar to the heat pipe of a cooling, but the structure is more complicated.) Choose what kind of cooling method will have a direct impact on the cost of the lamps, which should be integrated, consider, select the best product support and design solutions.

Shade selection is also critical of the design, the current use of transparent plexi glass, PC materials. The traditional lampshade is transparent glass products, product quality positioning choose is exactly related to what kind of material with the design of shade, in general, traditional glass is the best choice for outdoor lighting shade. It is the best choice for creating a long life, high-end fixtures. interior lamp, it is better to use transparent plastic, glass and other materials to make the shade, for outdoor light, the life is limited because of the outdoor sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, dust, chemical fumes, diurnal temperature changes and other factors make shorten lamp life of aging, followed by uneasily clean contaminated, which will reduce the impact of transparency lamp light output. anty881209wong 140516

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Blue light LED table light

“LED does, is with high luminous efficiency, energy saving, when compared with incandescent lamp, it can save at least 50-60%, particularly for long time use, like the underground garage, in a year, you can recover its costs.”

China has become the world’s largest producer of LED lighting, according to the Ministry of Science of the 12th Five Year Plan in 2015, LED lighting market share should reach to 30%, the National Development and Reform Commission has also developed a roadmap to completely phase out incandescent in 2016. This is one stimulant for the LED industry, with incomplete statistics, the country’s LED industry park to build no less than 20, the total size of the industry in 2013 is expected to reach 200 billion. In 2015, it will exceed 500 billion. However, just when the industry to share the feast triumph, the medical community has expressed concern, vice president of the Chinese Society of ophthalmologists (Shanghai ENT Hospital) Professor Sun Xinghuai said that according to international research results, the blue LED emits a long-term effect on the human eye, it can cause serious injury.

“Blue-ray will damage the retina, the specific location is the photoreceptor, it receives light which is converted into an electric signal of visual cells, it accumulates in front of you to a certain amount of light cannot feel it, then it blind . ”
Blue light, as a shade of color light, exists in a variety of lamps. REMEDIES that most LED lamps on the market, was sent by the chip blue, yellow phosphors excited to reconcile into a white light, and therefore, LED blue light problem is particularly prominent.

French Essilor He Yi, president of the China Investment Corporation, said the international eyewear industry has been paying close attention to this issue. But worrying is that the vast majority of domestic consumers still completely unaware.
“Children myopia is very fast, it is saying (blue hazard) if there is a certain relationship, we are now working on, find a way to filter out blue light.”  anty881209wong 140509

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Shopping tips of LED ceiling light

Use “four compare” tips to select LED Ceiling light
1. Compare the service life. The average life of the high-quality LED Ceiling were about 40,000 to 50,000 hours, you can use two to three years. Compared with ordinary energy-saving lamp, the service life is several times higher, and the energy consumption is very low. Led ceiling light is the first choice of energy-efficient lighting. Service life of inferior panel lamp may be only a fraction of one or one of tenths of that of high-quality products, and the light fades serious.

2. Compare the energy saving. High quality LED ceiling light save more energy and only need 5W to offer the brightness that is equivalent to that of 15W ordinary energy-saving lamps. Compared to incandescent-quality LED Down light (bulbs), LED ceiling light can save energy 80%, compared to halogen powder lamp, that is, we often say that the poor quality of energy-saving lamps, energy savings is 44%.

3. Compare the price. Due to LED ceiling lights with different power, light levels and color, the price vary a lot. High quality LED ceiling light is generally with higher prices, which is more than 300 yuan, while inferior workmanship rough-made products, the price is cheaper.

4. Compare the material. High quality LED ceiling light use high-power high-brightness LED, which is with good CRI, high brightness, real illuminated of the objects, which can effectively protect the eyes; while the poor quality light use low quality and price material LED as the light source, the light is with blue color, the color of the illuminated object is poor, low brightness, blurred vision.

Development tendency
In the background of the global low carbon economy, LED ceiling light market were high hopes. LED ceiling lights is with higher efficiency, longer life, the color is also very good, which makes it far beyond other products, win more attention and love.

Because of this, LED has a rapid development from the first signal indicating to today’s car headlights, LED displays, lighting (LED ceiling light, etc.), regardless of the technology or application point of view, there is a big progress.

There have a lot of space for study before LED ceiling light becomes a leading in the future. Only in the premise of capital, talent, market, technology premise, there will have good optoelectronic products. Without this basic premise, the final output might be photoelectric garbage. The lighting premise shall comply with the changes of the natural environment, and the other is green energy-efficient lighting to reduce light pollution. A healthy environment is the final aim of light green lighting development.

LED is the future direction of lighting development, which led to the emergence of a new revolution in lighting technology. With the progress of LED ceiling light technology and technology, it must play a greater advantage, and the replacement of incandescent lighting will be just around the corner.  anty881209wong 140504

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The basic information of LED string light

LED string light whose shape is like a belt, the principal element of the product is LED, so the name came out of it. As light string, it is estimated whichever shape, and the original composition.
The LED string light can be divided from various aspects:
By color: monochrome, tri-color, full color
By Dimensions points: 9mm/12mm
Press the outer diameter of the lamp beads: F5/F8

Molding process
String lights material: lamp beads, circuit boards, PVC materials.

0603,0805,1210,5050 refers to the light emitting element on the LED lamp belt —- LED Size (inch / metric), the following is a detailed description of these specifications:

In terms of the metric is 1005 that indicates the length of the LED elements is 1.0mm, width is 0.5mm. Industry referred to 1005, Imperial called is 0603.

Conversion to metric is 2125, which represents the length of LED components is 2.0mm, the width is 1.25mm. Industry referred to 2125, Imperial called is 0805.

Conversion to metric is 3528, which represents the length of LED components is 3.5mm, the width is 2.8mm. Industry referred to 3528, Imperial called is 1210.

This is metric called, which means that the length of the LED elements is 5.0mm, width is 5.0mm. Industry referred to 5050.   anty881209wong 140424

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Info of LED floodlights

LED floodlight by controlling the built-in microchip. There are two products existing, one use a combination of power-type chip, the other use a single high-power chips. The former has more stable performance; large power single bead has great product structure, which is suitable for casting light irradiation for small range. The later can reach a very high power; can cast light for large distances.

LED floodlights illuminated surface is specified so that the illumination is higher than that of ambient lighting, also known as the spotlight. Generally, it can aim in any direction, and has the structure which is not affected by weather conditions. The main field of mining operations for a large area, building outline, stadiums, flyovers, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc. Thus, almost all large-area lighting for outdoor use can be regarded as floodlights.

I. With High brightness imported chip, high brightness, low power consumption, low heat, long life to 50000H, LED can be divided into monochrome, colorful colors.

II. Shell material: High pressure cast aluminum shell molding, 4mm toughened safety glass features:
1, there are two kinds of symmetric and asymmetric light distribution choices, good glare control.
2, lighting electrical integration, beautiful and compact design, easy to install.
3, dust and water proof, rating is IP65.

III. voltages: 220V/110V/24V/12V
IV. LED light source: 1W, 3W high power LED
V. high-power LED flood light irradiation distance reach to 5-30 meters, especially suitable for landscape building body building, outdoor plaza, wall displays brush color.

VI. colors:
Red / yellow / blue / green / white / colorful etc. color effects. Produce the feeling of flexibility through the combination of a variety of light and water, bringing you a fantastic mood.

VII. Power: 6-54w. Different environments utilize different power lamps. Power of the latest LED flood light increases, including 50W LED flood light, 70W LED flood light, 100W LED flood light, 150W LED flood light, 200W LED flood light, 250W LED floodlight, 350W LED flood light, 450W LED flood light, provide great flexibility for the selection of client application.  anty881209wong 140418

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Commercial use of LED light

With the development of social economic and people’s living standards, people are also increasing their requirements on commercial space. Lighting is an important part of the shop space; lighting designed can attract and guide the consumer’s attention.

By shaping the spatial light environment, they can create a fascinating exhibition space and display image. Through using a variety of lighting showcase shop theme image, the shop owner make people image to arouse consumers resonate with consumers to establish interoperability emotional communication.

1, food stores
According to the difference of the food placement, there are counter sales and wardrobe sales model of the grocery stores, different lighting modes are used in different sales models. Because of the small size, rich color of the foods, there is high intensity of illumination and color requirements. Grocery sales area generally consists of the counter, cash register area and the channel zone.
Recommended configuration: counter sales area: wardrobe sales area: cashier area: Channel area:

2, Pastry shop
Pastry shop mainly operates breads, cakes. On the display, it requires high color, emphasizing bright color, freshness and other factors, higher lighting requirements. When meeting the above factors, it also needs to create a comfortable shopping environment. Meanwhile for the dining area on the pastry shop, the lighting should also consider creating a functional and dining, casual atmosphere.
Recommended configuration: Showcase: cashier area: Channel District: dining area:

3, the communications shop
There are two categories of the Terminal mode on communications industry: one is the supermarkets, one is the exclusive shop which sales on the counter form. Functionally, it is divided into: Channel area, counters and sales area.
Single brand has a sales function, but also carries the brand promotion and service functions which can be divided into the sales area, the image of the entrance area, experience area, service area.

4, the iStore
LED lighting applications are wide-ranging, it is with low power consumption, energy saving, most notably mercury. After crushing, a mercury-containing light will immediately distributed mercury vapor to the surrounding, instantly make the ambient air mercury exceed concentrations, harming for everyone healthy.

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The difference of LED light

Fluorescent lamps
At each end of a filament lamp, the lamp is filled with traces of argon and mercury vapor thin, coated with a fluorescent powder on the inner wall of the lamp. It emits ultraviolet when the gas between the two filament conductive, making phosphor glows softly visible light.

Lamp working characteristics: Lamp requires a high voltage to ignite the start, only allows the small current through for the normal light emitting. In this time the voltage across the lamp is lower than the supply voltage.

LED Tube
LED lamp has high quality, durable, energy-saving as the main characteristics. With the projection angle adjustment range, brightness of 15W ordinary LED is equivalent to that of 40W fluorescent lamps. LED is high temperature resistant, moisture and waterproof, leak proof. There are 110V, 220V voltage for option, glass or PC material is optional for cover. Lamp holder is as the same as ordinary fluorescent.

LED fluorescent light uses the latest LED technology. It is with digitizing designs, saving up to 70% power. The intensity of 12W LED is equivalent to that of 40W fluorescent tube (for ballast and starter, the real consumption power of 36W fluorescent is 42W to 44W). The life of LED lamp is 10 times more than that of ordinary lamp, virtually free maintenance, no need to frequently replace the lamp, ballast, and starter. Green semiconductor light source offer soft light, pure spectrum, in favor of protecting the user’s eyesight and physical health. 6000K cool white light gives a cool visual feeling. User-friendly illumination differences design is also help to focus and improve efficiency.

When compare the LED fluorescent with ordinary fluorescent, the advantages of LED lamp are as follows:
1, energy saving. 2, long service life. 3, good applicability, because of the small volume of a single LED, it can be made into any shape. 4,its short response time which is ns (nanosecond) level, while that of the ordinary lamps is ms (millisecond) levels. 5, environmental protection, non-hazardous metal, easy to recycle. 6, colorful, luminous color pure, narrow spectral range, and blending into a colorful or white through red, green and blue color.

Disadvantages: 1, expensive. 2, there is a great gap between the theoretical optical efficiency and the reality light efficiency. 3, there is a big gap between the reality services life and the theory life (10w hours). 4, there are still some heat. 5, the light fades can be greatly reduced.

However, these shortcomings can be overcome by improving the process, so even if the LED light source cannot completely replace the existing traditional light sources, with the development of technology, the future must be the LED world.  anty881209wong 140404

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